Tution and Refund Policies

Once an institution is satisfied that admission standards have been met,the institution may enter into a contract with the student and collect a registration and application fee of up to $500. If a student terminates a student contract on or before the 4th business day after signing the contract, the licensee must refund all tuition fees paid by or on behalf of the student.

Tution Refunds

Private Career Colleges must issue a fee refund within 30 days. Whether a college can deduct money from a refund you are entitled to for a program if you owe them money depends on a few factors:

  • College Policies: The policy is outlined in the student handbook.
  • Legal Jurisdiction: In some jurisdictions, it may be legal for colleges to offset any refunds against debts owed to the institution. This means that if you have an outstanding balance with the college, they could deduct that amount from any refund you're owed.
  • Type of Refund: If the refund is from overpaid tuition, it might be treated differently than, for example, a deposit for housing, etc.
  • Communication: If you believe you're entitled to a refund and also owe money, communicate with the college's financial office.
  • Legal Recourse: If you believe that the college is withholding a refund unjustly or against their stated policies, you might have legal recourse.

Cooling-off Period

You can cancel a contract within four days of signing if you provide written notice to the private career college. It is vital to keep a copy of your written notice. You are entitled to a full refund of fees paid for the program, including any application fee, from the college.

Full Refund After Signing Contract

If a student withdraws from a course before the registration deadline or when the course change results in a change in registration status, no fees will be charged. Registration deadlines are provided to students upon submitting application forms. It's important to note that the "cooling off" period applies strictly to receive a full refund.

Tuition fee - before class begins:

If a student decides to terminate their contract after the program registration deadline, the institution is entitled to the payment of tuition fees as outlined in Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, which specifies the following:

  • If a student terminates a student contract before the class begins, the College will refund any tuition paid.
  • The College will refund any tuition paid by or on behalf of the student if: o the college terminates a student contract before the class begins.

Tuition Fee - after class begins

If a student contract is terminated after the class begins, the College is entitled to the following amounts of tuition:

  • 25% of the tuition - if 10% or less of the class has been provided.
  • 60% of the tuition - if more than 10% but less than 50% of the class has been provided.100% of the tuition - if more than 50% of the class has been provided

Refund Payment

International Students Unable to Get a Student Visa
A rule applies to an international student unable to obtain a student visa to enter Canada. As long as you deliver a written notice of this fact to a private career college before half of the portion of a program has passed, you are entitled to a refund of fees paid for the program.

Registration fee of $500.00 is fully refundable

View the Private Career Colleges Act

**All Tuition costs are calculated in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


There are three circumstances in which a student is considered withdrawn:

If a student contract is terminated after the vocational training begins, the Institution is entitled to the tuition refunds stated above.

1. Voluntary Withdrawal: The student may voluntarily decide not to continue with the program. This could be due to personal reasons, health issues, financial challenges, or any other reason that might compel the student to stop attending the program.
2. Involuntary Withdrawal: This refers to situations where the college decides to terminate the student’s enrollment due to specific reasons. These reasons might include:

  • Failure to meet academic standards or progress requirements.
  • Violation of the institution's code of conduct.
  • Non-payment of tuition or other fees.
  • Attendance issues, where the student repeatedly misses three consecutive classes without valid reasons.

3. Extended Absence: If a student does not attend classes for an extended period without informing the institution, and without a valid reason (like a medical emergency), they might be considered as having effectively withdrawn from the course.

The student's status must be reported to IRCC (Immigration & Refugee Citizenship Canada - for International students). Should the student decide to terminate their contract with the institution, they must complete and sign a withdrawal form that is available for download below.

Download & and fill out the document below and send it to registrar@rcbcollege.ca

Withdrawal Form: Download