Additional Resources

Health Care

International students are required to have medical insurance before starting their program abroad. Unexpected medical emergencies while abroad can result in financial difficulties and hinder the successful completion of a program. Obtaining adequate health coverage if not already covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Program (AHCIP) is highly recommended. For further details regarding eligibility for medical coverage for students, please refer to the Health Care Coverage page.

Health Care Coverage

Students may also access The Alex and Calgary Immigrant Women's Association (CIWA) for community health and social service supports. The Alex Community Health Center is a full-service health clinic for low-income Calgarians without a family doctor.

The Alex
Calgary Immigrant Women's Association

Counseling and Social Services

RCB College offers academic support and counseling for international students through our College Counselor. Our Counsellor is committed to student success and very knowledgeable in the academic needs of international students.

Additionally, non-academic academic services are also provided by both government and non-government organizations in Calgary. Please visit the following links for information on Calgary's counseling services and other social services:

Living Well Counselling Services
Calgary Distress Centre
Alberta Health Services
Calgary Counselling Center
The Alex Community Health Centre
The Alex
CIWA Counseling Services

Campus Familiarity

Our campus is easily accessible via several bus routes, all of which connect to the Blue Line of Calgary's LRT, the C-Train. The campus is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends by appointment only. Our spacious COVID-19-compliant classrooms and free parking options affirm our commitment to providing a safe and accommodating learning environment.

Job on and off-campus

Center for Newcomers provides support to students who would like to craft their resumes and practice for interviews. Attached is a popular website for searching for jobs plus a link to Employment support programs at CNF Click here

Immigrant Serving Agencies

RCB College is located closer to Newcomer Center and is a train ride away from the Calgary Immigrant Women's Association- known experts in immigration concerns and able to assist students in locating relevant services and resources.

For more information regarding health, social services, and counselling support available in the community, visit:

CIWA: Click here
Newcomer Center: Click here


Below are some short-term and long-term housing resources to help you find the right home during your time at RCB College

Getting Around

There are 7 bus routes within a 200-meter radius from our college. It is accessible and a map may be provided to you for your convenience, Visit Calgary Transit


To effectively manage your finances, you can attend free workshops provided by community providers. Additionally, you can plan your expenses by reviewing the resources listed below for information on the cost of living.

For flexible financing options, RCB College has partnered with Gratify to offer tailored payment solutions. Begin your pre-qualification process today to explore your options.
Pre-qualify with Gratify

Cost of living in Calgary
Moving to Canada
Manage your Money