Admission Policy

  • Attending the initial interview and receiving a approval from the College.
  • Having a fair understanding of the English language.
  • Prospective students must be High School students Grade, or equivalent, or have Mature Student status.
  • Mature Students and those who cannot provide proof of Grade 12 graduation will be required to complete an Entrance Examination to properly assess their personal strengths and weaknesses.

Financial Aid (Student Loans Grants, Scholarships)

Are you worried about funding? Royal College of Business is here to help. Our qualified admissions advisor can help you explore various funding options, including payment plans, student loans, provincial student assistance, and sponsorships. In addition, our Admissions Representatives can help you find options that are right for you and create a customized plan that will make the learning experience as stress-free as possible.

A payment plan for tuition can be arranged to suit your individual needs. Payments can be made by post-dated or certified cheque, Visa, cash, or PayPal. In addition to lending options from your financial institution, you may consider options from other financial institutions. Financial Aid may be available for those who qualify. Sponsorship may be available from employers or possibly from outside agencies for eligible applicants. If you wish to apply for sponsorship, you must contact the appropriate agency directly for authorization. The application process for sponsorship varies from agency to agency.

Royal College of Business Admissions Advisors can provide you with additional information and help plan a student's education funding. Planning ensures stress-free learning and can avoid student loan defaults where funds have been borrowed.

Alberta Student Aid Link : Click Here
Canada Job grant link: Click Here
Alberta Jobs Now Program: Click Here

International Students

Royal College of Business believes in supporting our international students in a friendly environment. Our self-paced, flexible style of learning offers the following benefits to international students.

Confirm Entrance Requirements

Enrolment into the Royal College of Business diploma program requires successful completion of high school. Therefore, you may be asked to provide a copy of your high school diploma and/or transcript.

If English is not your first language, you may be required to undertake an English language entry examination before entering a diploma program. If a student requires assistance with English before and/or during their studies, Royal College of Business can find an ESL school that will meet their needs.

Confirm Study Arrangements

The following outlines the steps you can take during the application process to confirm your study arrangements.

  • Contact the Royal College of Business, and an admissions representative will guide you through the application process.
  • Once you have been accepted and your tuition deposit has been received, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the Admissions Representative.
  • Take the Letter of Acceptance to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to apply for your Student Visa and Study Permit.
  • Arrange for your accommodation while studying in Canada.
  • Complete the appropriate placement test.
  • Arrange for ESL training, if needed.

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